Buying refurbished electronics or used and tested sounds risky if you have never done it before… but it can be a smart way to save money especially on computers and laptops.

Does this make you feel different about the purchase of a refurbished item?

What is a refurbished computer?

A refurbished computer is a unit that cannot be sold as “new” because:

  • it is a return “open box” item, comparable to new;
  • defective and needs to be fixed;
  • it is a used unit, decommissioned from a business after a 3-year lease plan.
Computer Scrap

No worries… a refurbished computer has never been in a pile like this one.



So what does it mean when a computer is refurbished?

Unfortunately, there is not a real standard about what happens and this may confuse when it comes to the purchasing process.

At a minimum, it involves factory reset, cleaning and testing to diagnose possible issues.

The process of refurbishing may depend on who is completing the work, so you may want to do a little research on it.

Computer Show

At Computer Show, we value functionality over aesthetics. Our refurbishing process invests in being sure that the unit is functional as new:

  • Full Diagnose of the unit;
  • Replacement of all components that are faulty;
  • Evaluation of structural damages vs cosmetic scuffs and dents.

We may have some “open box” items, but it is unusual because often the savings are not worth not having a clear evaluation of the status of the unit.

On “used” units the testing process and replacement of malfunctioning components are what make a difference and bring back to life the unit.

Should I buy a refurbished computer?

Obviously, the answer is YES, but… there is at least one but… it is to verify the vendor especially if it is not the manufacturer.

Refurbished Purchase

Buying Refurbished Computers can be a satisfying opportunity.

To evaluate the purchase consider:

  • Vendor reputation, including years in business.
  • Disclosure of the unit condition.
  • Refurbishing Process.
  • Your needs, refurbished units may lack the last bells and whistles of the most recent computers.
  • The warranty offered with the unit.
  • The terms and conditions of the purchase including shipping and return policy.
  • How price and specifications compare with something new.

Refurbished computers are not for everyone…

If you are the type of person that does not stand that someone else has handled or used the computer before, you may evaluate to buy new.

These units have often signs of use or cosmetic small damages that do not affect the functionality and the perception of these changes individually, so evaluate how you feel about these aspects.

On the other hand, if the vendor refurbishing follows good standards, these units get checked even more then the new ones.

The main reason to purchase refurbished is to access technology at an affordable price with the assurance that the unit has been checked and tested before selling.